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Why Hire Us For Your Residential Paving Project?

Residential driveway thickness is typically a 50 mm compacted asphalt layer on a properly prepared aggregate base of crushed limestone, less than 10 mm size. The preferred Hot Mix Asphalt grades for driveways are HL3A (“driveway mix”) or slightly coarser HL3 (roadway topcoat mix).
Asphalt compaction density of 90% to 95% requires vibratory rollers with static pressure rating of 60+ psi (414+ kPa) beneath the drums. Edges may be compacted and finished using a vibratory plate compactor or hand tamper.

We plan drainage carefully to ensure that water runs away from the building and towards ditches and catch basins. Asphalt pavement may not surface drain correctly if its “pitch” or “slope” is less than 2% (1/4 inch per foot). Standing water on asphalt creates icy sections, puddles and cracking over time.

Given painstaking preparation of the aggregate base, an experienced paving crew can overcome less pitch when no other solutions exists, but time and labour costs during preparation and paving will be greater.

It is preferable to use a paving machine to lay and “iron” the hot mix asphalt, however when size or confined space does not allow use of a machine, a credible result can be obtained by hand raking. Power rolling and tamping follows in either case.

Residential Paving

Why Is an Asphalt Driveway the Best Option?

Improves the look of the home

Increase property value

Lasts 20-30 years

Withstands harsh climates

What Clients Say

We had to replace our main sewer line and the plumbing company had to dig up a large portion of the driveway about 7 feet deep. Productive asphalt was able to come and assess the driveway as well as give me an estimate the same day. They did a tremendous job of compacting the ground again, digging out the old gravel, grinding the entire driveway and then putting down two layers of new asphalt! The driveway looks amazing! The owner of the company was very professional and friendly, even gave us pointers on how to prevent the tires from leaving marks on new asphalt. They were able to quickly fit us in, as we were in a time crunch to get this all fixed before listing the home on the market. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a great company to take care of your driveway.


Timothy F Shi

We had a sinkhole in our driveway that was previously patched by another company four years ago and did not hold. I was very stressed! After seeing some very good reviews I called Productive Asphalt. Mark came over, quickly diagnosed the problem and put a plan in place. I was very impressed by his knowledge and concern for my issue. I immediately felt like I was in good hands. When his team came over the level of professionalism was immediately apparent. Mark was there to oversee all of the work and assure that this problem was corrected the right way. I am very grateful to no longer have to worry about my driveway. I highly recommend this company. They are true experts and a pleasure to work with!


Randy A

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