Freshly-laid asphalt has a lovely sheen to it and adds a fresh, modern, and classy touch to any parking lot or driveway. You can maintain that lovely appearance and function for 15 to 30 years if you handle your new asphalt properly. If you neglect it, you could be looking at 5 to 7 years instead of 15 to 30.

To ensure that asphalt remains attractive and functional for the longest period of time, you must safeguard it from damage and perform regular maintenance. Here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts of aftercare for asphalt parking lots.

DO give the asphalt time to cure

Asphalt may be driven on as soon as the surface is dry, which is typically 24 hours after pouring. However, your fresh pavement’s maximum strength and resistance to damage will not be achieved until it has fully cured, which takes around a year.

DO clean up oil and fuel spills quickly

Oil or gasoline spills, for example, are unlikely to cause significant harm to freshly laid asphalt. The chemicals that bind asphalt together are destroyed by oil and gasoline.

DO sealcoat the pavement regularly

Once your asphalt is fully cured, apply a good quality sealcoat to the surface. Sealcoating stops moisture from getting into the asphalt, prevents fading and extends its functional life. After the initial sealcoating you should have an asphalt professional reapply every 2-5 years.

DON’T let weeds crop up

Keep a lookout along the boundaries of your asphalt pavement to be sure no weeds are sprouting. Weeds’ roots can cause bumps and cracks in your road surface, which eventually develop into larger fissures and gaps. To avoid future difficulties, remove existing weeds by their roots and use weedkiller on the margins throughout the season.

DON’T ignore any cracks

Keep an eye out for any new cracks or small openings in your asphalt. To prevent them from expanding, cracks should be filled with an asphalt crack sealant and holes must be quickly repaired.

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