Top 4 Advantages Of Asphalt Driveways

The majority of business and residential driveways are constructed of either asphalt or concrete. Both are cost-effective, but asphalt offers more advantages. If you’re considering paving a new driveway or refinishing an existing one, here are some of the benefits you’ll see with asphalt:

Fast Installation Speed and Usability

An asphalt driveway takes one or two days to install, depending on the size of the project. Asphalt driveways can be ready for use in as little as two days after they are completed, depending on the season.

Driveway Durability

Unlike concrete, asphalt is resistant to surface flaking due to poor installation, incorrect mixing preparation and the use of salts to melt ice and snow. Asphalt’s flexibility makes it far less prone than pavement to fracture over time.

Lower Maintenance Costs

If your asphalt driveway begins to show cracking, you can easily repair it with crack sealant products readily available in home improvement stores. They don’t cost very much and can simply be used by yourself. The life of your asphalt driveway can also extend to 20 years or more with preventative maintenance and upkeep.

Additional Benefits

Asphalt’s black color also helps retain the sun’s heat so during winter, snow will melt faster on an asphalt driveway. This can improve safety in residential areas and commercial business properties!

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